Social Responsibility Management Policy

In approaching and implementing social responsibility, the Daesan model respects the following policies in order to maximize its contribution to sustainable development
In the context of specific circumstances, Daesan model acts according to the social responsibility management policy even when the situation is difficult, and observes international code of conduct, taking into account the diversity of society, environment, law, culture, politics and organization as well as differences in economic conditions.

DAESAN MODEL Social Responsibility Management Policy

1. Responsible for explanation

The Daesan model is responsible for explaining the impact of the organization on society, the economy and the environment.

2. Transparency

The Daesan model will ensure transparency in the organization's decision-making and activities that affect society and the environment.

3. Ethical behavior

I will act ethically as a model for Daesan.

4. Respecting stakeholders' interests

We will respect and consider stakeholders' interests in the Daesan model.

5. Respecting the rule of law

I accept that respect for the rule of law is mandatory for the Daesan model.

6. Respecting international code of conduct

The Daesan model will respect the international code of conduct while adhering to the principle of respect for the rule of law.

7. Respecting human rights

The Daesan model will respect human rights and recognize the importance and universality of human rights.


CEO Song Jae-hyeok (In)